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K!15 marketing strategy II

Tie-up with namma auto. Same as marketing on MTC buses, vinyl stickers were put up on Namma auto running at three cities in tamilnadu – Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai.

As a usual design process, the banner was designed of 300px/inch resolution. When the design was send to print , logistics requested for a better resolution of the design. We were confused, that the banner was of usual printing resolution. Later we came to know that , since the print was to be taken on vinyl material (sticker), resolution must be higher than usual digital prints. then the banner was designed on a new canvas of higher resolution (600 pixels/inch).


K!15 marketing strategy

Like none other editions of Kurukshetra, in the 9th edition as a different marketing strategy banners were put up on mtc busses on specific routes at three cities within Tamilnadu – Chennai,Coimbatore and Madurai . This sparked enthusiasm among the student within the campus as well as outside.