Anna Fest’16 Banner


Lighting Board

Lighting board which is kept in front of CEG-Tech Forum. Concept : Enroll yourself and experience your growth.The ultimate doorway to your success.


K!15 marketing strategy II

Tie-up with namma auto. Same as marketing on MTC buses, vinyl stickers were put up on Namma auto running at three cities in tamilnadu РChennai, Coimbatore and Madurai.

As a usual design process, the banner was designed of 300px/inch resolution. When the design was send to print , logistics requested for a better resolution of the design. We were confused, that the banner was of usual printing resolution. Later we came to know that , since the print was to be taken on vinyl material (sticker), resolution must be higher than usual digital prints. then the banner was designed on a new canvas of higher resolution (600 pixels/inch).


K!15 marketing strategy

Like none other editions of Kurukshetra, in the 9th edition as a different marketing strategy banners were put up on mtc busses on specific routes at three cities within Tamilnadu – Chennai,Coimbatore and Madurai . This sparked enthusiasm among the student within the campus as well as outside.


Kurukshetra main banner

This was the largest banner designed in Kurukshetra’15. It took around 180 minutes for designing. The difficult part in this was none other than gathering contents that is to be included into the banner from each and every team (i.e. team Guest Lectures,K!arnival(carnival), Projects, Workshops, Events, Marketing and HR).

Banner size : 30′ x 10′