K!’15 direct marketing posters

Marketing plays an important role in making any event a success.These posters decipates about Kurukshetra. The first one is the phase 1 poster which was released earlier by mid of October  2014. By the time, since most events and workshops weren’t decided. So the poster was designed with generalized contents, which precisely says about the event and workshops domain and number statistics.

Whereas on the second phase, the poster was released by the end of December and mailed to many universities all over india. By this time , almost every events, workshops , Guest lectures and K!arnivals (carnivals) were confirmed, and everything was planned to be included in the poster.

Since there were too much contents, managing the contents into the poster was a difficult task. The poster size was increased from A3 to A2 , and designed in such a way that the poster doesn’t looks overpopulated with text contents

Next is the workshops poster, which was specially designed in spite of the general poster, which is followed by the Events poster which represents its engineering domain events.


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